October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Carving!

Ohmygosh, I LOVE fall! Oddly [and I think unfortunately] we have been having really hot weather. Sweaty hot. Not cool! Well, right before this little heat wave hit my boyfriend and I carved pumpkins. Obviously, they did not withstand the heat and have sadly sunken in on themselves. :( We have already decided that we will be carving more in the next weekend or so, but I thought I’d share the first round with you.

 At first he was scared of it, then he tried to eat it.

pumpkin innards!

 We had way too much fun getting the goo out!

 Do you guys use patterns or just wing it? I used this cool pattern that came in a kit, then I used one of the kit tools to just trace it, which left little puncture marks. Super easy!

Finished!! Brian free handed his tiger hawk!

Even though these pumpkins are no longer we had a blast making them. I have a really neat idea for my next pumpkin using a photo...hopefully. IF if works out I’ll definitely do a How To post on it.

peace, kassie

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