October 19, 2011

#3 Purple Haze

I love this purple top. I think the color is what does it for me, purple haze. That’s what I call it anyway. This technically is dress length, I just folded it under. Sadly, it’s not long enough for work! Maybe I can restyle it with some leggings for a weekend outing.

I’ve haven’t been brave enough to leave my house for photos yet. I was going to just try going out in my backyard, but it’s shared with my duplex neighbors and I didn’t want them staring at me! I actually haven’t even told anyone I know about this blog and challenge yet. Is that weird?

I emailed Megan over at Feathers and Freckles for some tips about taking photos. Visit her blog if you haven’t! She’s super sweet and a fellow ginger! :) Anyway, I know she takes her own photos [like I do] and they always look great! I think I will be attempting to take her advice and just find a location without any people. I have one in mind, so I’ll just need to find some others.

Maybe while I’m at it I’ll tell my boyfriend about my dirty little secret. [this blog...but you got that right?]

peace, kassie

1 comment:

  1. Cute top! I always think us redheads look great in purple! (and green).

    I don't think it's weird you haven't told anyone. I've only told my fiance, family and best friend about the blog - and even they were hard to tell!! Nobody here in Florida knows about it, and it can be hard trying to find time to take photos without telling people what I'm doing. Maybe someday I'll cave and fill people in...


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