February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites: Wish List Edition

I’m going to incorporate a “wish list” of sorts into the Friday Favorites.  Basically,  just things I’ve seen in the last couple weeks that I love and may or may not be purchasing.

Source: kmart.com via Kassie on Pinterest

Omg, Love these shoes.  I may go buy these tomorrow!  The will look so cute with skinnies!

Source: google.com via Kassie on Pinterest

My bf's sister is getting married this summer and she asked me to wear purple or gold or black.  I found this Zooey dress and fell in love.  I think I'll style it with a gold belt and gold flats.

I love this satchel!  Such a great color!!

Source: modcloth.com via Kassie on Pinterest

I've been eyeing this necklace for awhile now, I should just buy it already!!

Source: target.com via Kassie on Pinterest

 Such a cute and versatile dress!

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