February 2, 2012

Style Log: Workin' It in Pjs

Misfit #6: Long Grey Cardi

{Dress/Target :: Black Shirt/Old Navy :: Cardi/Kmart :: Boots/Merona via Target}



Initial Thoughts
 I felt pretty good when I left the house this am.  I was wearing some new jewelery from Forever 21 and In Pink and I was super comfortable! I love any outfit that looks work appropriate, but feels like pj's!

After Thoughts
First let me just make one, VERY important statement.  I am not preggo!  I think that's just this dress...and the way I slouch, not stand. Haha!  Anyway, I really like this outfit...except for the grey cardi.  Honestly, I just think it's kind of ugly.  It doesn't do anything for this outfit and I can't see it doing anything for any other outfit.  

Final Verdict
It's out! This guy is going to get re purposed into a couple projects I saw on pinterest. :)

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