April 5, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays!

 Brian & me geocaching a couple weekends ago!

 -Closing the car door on my hair....and not realizing it until I went to back up and turned my head. NW Iowa wind for ya! 
-Red, itchy allergy eyes...that made me look like I had been partying a bit too hard. I swear I hadn’t! 
-Venting about something...er someone, then having the person walk in the room....yea. I feel pretty crappy about that one. 
-People continually asking me if I’m going to church sunday.... 
-Finding TWO more ticks on my dog!! 

-Having yummy deep fried green peppers...and cheese balls...and steak! :P 
-The Wild winning against the Blackhawks last Sunday night!! :D 
-Finding out that Summer Shandy is back on tap at the local pub. 
-Shaving 52s off of my mile! 
-That Instagram is available for Android now! :P

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