February 7, 2012

Style Log: Plaid Spectacle[s] {10 & 2 Challenge}

Misfit #8:  Brown V-Neck
This is a just a plain little shirt that I never wear.  You can't really tell in these photos, but the neckline is deep and wide, which is probably why I don't wear it.  You HAVE to put a tank under it, unless of course you like that whole falling out look. Ha!

{Both Tops/Old Navy :: Pants/Thrifted :: Shoes/Payless :: Frames/Warby Parker}

Initial Thoughts
I felt a bit frumpy, but I was comfortable.  Maybe I shouldn't say frumpy...just extra casual and sort of masculine.  And still put together and even a bit cute.  
Oh hey...how do you like these frames?  They are the Finn by Warby Parker and I'm loving them!

After Thoughts
This brown shirt is so basic, but a bit blah.  However, I honestly feel like you can't have enough basic tees or undershirts.  So on that note....
Final Verdict
I'm keeping it. AND I'm going to order those WP frames.  :D

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