January 10, 2012

DIY: 3 Tiered Jewelry Dish

DIY: 3 Tiered Jewelry Dish

I just made this bad boy last night and I'm super excited about it!  This is the first DIY I'm posting that I did completely on my own with out any help from another blogger's DIY, so I'm pretty excited about that too!  

This whole project was born from this photograph.  Thanks Pinterest!

3 plates
2 glasses
All Purpose Silicone Adhesive {clear drying!}
Tape measure
1.  First pick out and wash your plates and glasses.  I bought a few options from our local second hand shop.  I found a couple with pink/purple-ish flowers so I just went with it!  A bit on the feminine side, but hey it's for jewelry on my vanity!

 2.  Before you do any gluing, set it up the way you think you want it.  Since I had a few different glasses, I played with them until I liked the result.
{I would also like to make a note here, I was originally planning on spray painting the glasses a metallic, but decided against it.  If you want to spray paint just the glasses or just the plates, do it now!  If you decide you want to spray paint the entire thing one color, then you can do that at the end.}

 3.  I took the tape measure to figure out where the center of my plates were, then I put the base of the glass on and traced them with a pencil {don't worry it'll wipe off later if it shows}.  I also took the tape measure and measured around the base of the glass to the edge of the plate all around it, just to be sure it was in the center.

4.  Lay your bottom plate on a flat surface.  Take the first glass and line the base of it with the adhesive then press it down onto the plate.  Hold for a minute or two.  Then, I think I let mine set for 5 minutes or so.  Next, adhere the second glass to the second plate.  So, you'll have two plates with glasses on them.

5.  Now, put adhesive on the lip of the first glass and press the second plate {and glass that's glued to it!} down.  Hold for a minute or two.  Then, line the lip of the top glass with adhesive and press the final plate on it.  NOTE:  It doesn't take a lot of pressure.  Don't push to hard, because your lower plates and glasses may slide around a little.

The adhesive takes 24 hours to dry, so set it aside and don't touch it.  Since, the adhesive is a silicone sealant it sort of moves around a bit until it's dry!  Since I just did mine last night I don't have jewelry in it yet, but I love the way it turned out!

If you decided to try this DIY, please let me know!!

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