July 9, 2012

Music Monday: One of those days...

UGH. It's Monday ALREADY?  I loathe monday's...6 am comes way too quickly. I hit snooze like 4 times this morning.  Anyway, this song seems appropriate, no?

I mean seriously, who doesn't love the Bangles??  In all their 80s rocker chic glory??  Oh you?  Okay, well if that's not your cup of tea.  Then how about this....

Now, if you're about to tell me you don't like Florence + the Machine either...then don't.  It's monday afterall.  I find Florence equally strange and entertaining.  I've seen her preform (through the tv on some show, ha) and yea, she's off beat (in my opinion), but I think that's why I like her.  Plus she's a ginger. :)

Happy Monday! Ha!

xo, kass

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