January 26, 2012

Style Log: Beer, Love, and Cardigans {10 & 2 Challenge}

Misfit #2: Kohl's Tan Plaid Button Down
Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I was feeling under the weather and didn't get any photos.  Well, if I'm being honest I never even changed out of my pjs.  That's just how it goes sometimes, eh?

{Button down/ Kohl’s :: Cardigan/ Old Navy :: Pants/ LC via Kohl’s :: Boots/ Merona via Target} 


Initial Thoughts
I was once again in a rush, but when am I not? I just sort of threw this together, I’m not even sure I looked in the mirror before I left. The colors matched and I was comfy, so I wasn't super concerned.

After Thoughts
I like it. I mean I feel a bit frumpy looking at these pictures, but not in a bad way. Does that make sense? I was just so comfortable all day, it was wonderful. Plus, I love those pants and that cardi. Actually, this cardigan reminds me of my boyfriend so much. The fit is very “manish” and looks similar to something he wore on our 2nd date. Yes, I do remember what he wore on our second date. A navy shirt with an argyle cardigan, jeans, and some suede brown shoes. He looked really nice and I remember thinking that he must take pride in his appearance because he was always dressed well.

Then...I spilled an entire beer on him...yep. I’m telling you, it was love at first spill.

Final Verdict
Keeping it! I just need to work it into my outfits now!

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