January 4, 2012

Recipes Online!

Sorry, I don’t have a recipe for you today! Mainly because I was out of town and haven’t had time to cook. I have a couple old recipes I thought about posting, but to be completely honest I couldn’t find the photos!

So, instead I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipe sites with you. They are quite popular sites, so you’ve probably heard of some of them, but I’ll share why I like them so much.


I just recently found this one while I was looking for a good “healthy” recipe site. The two sites below offer healthy recipes, but they don’t focus on it, this one does. It has plenty of recipes and lots of good tips on eating healthy. I also like the refine options on the Search bar.


Can’t really go wrong with Kraft, can you? This website has TONS of great recipes. It’s user friendly and offers a “Recipe Box” to members {it’s free!} to save your favorite recipes in. They also have this cool feature that allows you to search for recipes by certain ingredients you have on hand. I’m not going to lie, the amazingly yummy photos help make this one of my favorite sites. I also really love how they have themed pages or menus for special events and holidays. Great for throwing a party!


This is probably my all time favorite recipe site. The only negative...there may be TOO many recipes, if that’s possible. You have endless options, literally. I also really enjoy reading the reviews and the custom version of recipes to see what others did to tweak it. The “recipe box” on this site is far superior to Kraft’s {sorry Kraft!}. It’s much easier to sort things and it allows you to add “web links” to recipes or articles on other sites. They have a free and a paid membership. I’m on the free and it’s fantastic, although the paid has some cool features {like a menu planner} that might be worth checking out!

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